The 10 Best Rolled Leather Dog Collars

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The Importance of a Good Collar

If you have a dog, at some point, you’re going to need to put a collar on him. It doesn’t matter if your dog is a 100% indoor dog; there’ll be times when you have to take him out for walks, to go to the bathroom or to the vet, and he’s going to need a collar for that. A good collar can help you control your dog and walk and/or travel with him easily. However, if you get the wrong collar for your dog, it can break, cause problems or even hurt your furry best friend.

One of the best types of collars you can buy for your dog is also one of the oldest known types of collars in the world. I’m speaking, of course, about leather dog collars, which date back as far as the Renaissance and perhaps even earlier. Specifically, I’m talking about rolled leather dog collars. They’re very effective for most dogs, but they work especially well on dogs with long, thick fur.

Many other collars – nylon, chain and pinch collars, for example – are quite popular with pet owners, but they aren’t always a great choice for some dogs, especially those with long hair. The chain collars, especially, are bad options for any dog. They’re prone to catching long-haired dogs’ fur and pulling it, causing them to have long, miserable days full of pinpricks of pain from their fur being constantly caught and pulled.

Additionally, chain collars can do irreparable damage to your dog’s throat and larynx. Nylon collars aren’t nearly as dangerous, but they aren’t nearly as durable either. A big, strong dog can easily break his nylon collar and run off into the street simply because the collar wasn’t strong enough.

Pinch collars are just inhumane. The internal spikes are constantly poking your dog in the neck, which can make him think something is attacking him and cause him to become very aggressive and mean. Because dogs don’t have a lot of feeling or sensation in their necks, they can also seriously hurt themselves if they get used to the spikes poking them and then begin to pull harder and harder.

Rolled Leather Collars Are the Best

By contrast, rolled leather collars are durable, humane and safe. They don’t pull at long-haired dogs’ fur, and they usually close with an actual clasp like a belt as opposed to a snap lock or buckle, which means they’re very secure. They’re also lightweight and made of all-natural materials, so they’re safe for your dog, even if he somehow gets them in his mouth.

We’ve compiled a list of ten of the very best rolled leather collars on the market today. We’ve included their descriptions, as well as their pros and cons. Stick around after checking out the products. At the bottom of our post, we’ve also included a buying guide. It should tell you everything you need to know about buying rolled leather collars and how to choose the best one for your four-legged best friend.

The 10 Best Rolled Leather Dog Collars

Pictured here is the 1″ x 24″ Coastal Pet Products Circle T collar in red. A quick search on Amazon will show you multiple colors and sizes of this same brand of collar. This is a particularly good collar for dogs with sensitive skin or long-haired dogs. Made of high-quality, vegetable-tanned leather, this collar won’t cause your dog’s fur to mat and shouldn’t cause allergic skin reactions.

It’s a long-lasting collar that softens and becomes more supple over time but doesn’t wear out or lose its shape. It features range marks along the entire length of the collar for ease of adjusting as your dog grows and as his fur thickens and thins as the seasons change. It also has heavy stitching for maximum durability and is rounded along its entire length.

  • Leather becomes more supple over time but doesn’t fray or stretch.
  • Extreme comfort for your dog.
  • Features plenty of range marks for easy sizing.
  • Very specific maintenance requirements to keep it clean.
  • Not all sizes/colors are Prime eligible.

This is one of the best choices if you need a super strong, heavy-duty collar for a large, strong or stubborn dog who likes to pull. It’s made of soft, comfortable full-grain leather – often called “crazy horse leather” – for both a comfortable fit and an incredibly strong hold. It’s also attractive, coming in five colors and featuring a golden buckle and d-ring. This ring and buckle are made of steel for extra durability. The entire collar is very long-lasting and can be used for multiple years.

It’s design makes it safe as well as comfortable. The likelihood of this collar hurting your dog’s larynx, neck or throat is extremely low, and there have been no reported instances of it becoming tangled in a long-haired dog’s fur.

  • Very lightweight.
  • Durable design means it can last for years.
  • Much more adjustable than many other collars/fits a wide range of dog sizes.
  • Hand-crafted.
  • Shouldn’t be cleaned with water/absorbs moisture.
  • Recommended dry-clean only.
  • Not necessarily suitable for smaller dogs.

If you’re looking for a thin, lightweight collar that’s as fashionable as it is practical, the Dogline collar might be the best option for you. It’s made of premium European leather that’s both supple and sturdy. There are numerous color options from which to choose, and whichever color you pick, the stitching is done in a matching thread. Although there are thicker versions of this collar, most are quite thin, which means they’re better suited to smaller dogs than larger ones. Additionally, they work well with short-haired dogs as well as long-haired dogs.

This collar is one of the softest on our list, and although it holds its shape well, it’s also quite flexible and bendable. This is great because it means it’ll move with your dog rather than staying stubbornly in one place and potentially harming him.

  • Dyed, not painted, for a long-lasting, fade-resistant hue.
  • Rivetless design.
  • Wide variety of options to suit your tastes.
  • Super soft.
  • Not well suited to larger dogs.
  • Features a nylon cord in the center, which makes it less durable than others on the list.

Pictured here is the 0.63″ x 16″ Auburn Leathercrafters collar in black, but there are plenty of size and color options available in this brand as well. All of them are made of full-grain leather and are equally as good. The collar is most suited to toy-sized to medium-sized dogs and isn’t optimal for larger, more aggressive breeds of dog. It can be used on either short-haired or long-haired dogs, but it seems to be a favorite of Dachshund owners.

The edges of this entirely hand-crafted, rounded collar are hand-polished and look very high-class. The collar’s unique, rounded design features a flat area near the buckle and d-ring that’s larger and flatter than some others on our list. That makes it extremely comfortable for your dog and also easy for you to handle when taking it on and off him. The entire thing is made of high-quality materials, which makes it particularly long-lasting.

  • High-quality leather makes it perfect for outdoor dogs.
  • Looks amazing.
  • Uniquely designed for comfort and ease of use.
  • Handcrafted, so may be less “precise” than collars made on precision machines.
  • Not well suited for larger, more aggressive dogs.
  • Very specific maintenance requirements to keep it clean.

If you’re looking for a more classic look that’s suitable for all dogs ranging from XS to XL, the Perri’s collar is perfect. Like most rolled collars, it helps prevent tangling and matting of a long-haired dog’s fur. Additionally, this particular collar is made of top-quality, heavy leather. The brown collar features brass hardware, and the black collar has chrome-plated buckles.

It’s a durable collar that’s made in the United States and will give your pooch a classic, aristocratic look. It’s also long-lasting and much easier to clean than some of the other ones on our list. Another great thing about it is that it’s breathable and lightweight, so if you have a dog who traditionally hates wearing a collar, this may be a good option for him.

  • Great for dogs who hate collars.
  • Relatively easy to clean.
  • Limited color choices.
  • Not as easily adjustable as some collars on the list.

If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive collar that’s made of genuine vegetable-tanned leather and comes in a wide range of sizes, this is the collar for you. There aren’t a ton of color options from which you can choose, so if you’re the type who enjoys style over substance, this may not be your optimal choice. However, if you don’t mind a black or burgundy collar, Hamilton has some great options.

The collar is handmade from weather-resistant, ultra-durable materials; everything from the leather to the thread to the lead hardware is top-quality and super strong. it’s very easy to care for, and it can last practically for years, which is amazing considering how reasonably it’s priced. It also looks quite nice, despite the fact that there aren’t many color options available.

  • Made from top-of-the-line materials.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Limited color choices.
  • No comfort backing.

CollarDirect is a spectacular choice for decently priced, high-quality collars in a wide range of both colors and sizes. The collar’s construction is superb, featuring specialty-treated, genuine soft leather. If you have a dog that doesn’t do well on a leash, this is a good option because its construction helps minimize the chance of damaging your dog’s throat. It’s also quite comfortable. Finally, it comes in multiple sizes, and each collar is widely adjustable so that it can “grow” with your dog. The extreme comfort and gentleness factors also mean it can be used for puppies.

  • Extremely soft and comfortable.
  • Dual use for puppies and adult dogs.
  • Less likely to damage a rowdy dog’s throat.
  • Tons of color options.
  • No size options for extremely large dogs.

A lot of people overlook this collar when searching for a rolled leather collar because there are practically no variations when it comes to color, and there are very few variations in style and sizes. However, this is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a great rolled leather collar. It’s made of what’s known as “bridle English” leather, and it’s beautiful, long-lasting, durable, affordable and comfortable for your dog to wear.

The entire collar is made by hand and is hand-stitched across its entire length and breadth. It features a roller buckle, d-ring and center ring for extra ease of handling. There is very little stretch to the collar, so you don’t have to worry about it losing its shape. The hardware is solid brass and both corrosion-resistant and hard to damage. In other words, this collar is as gorgeous as it is durable and useful.

  • One of the most attractive collars on the list.
  • Minimal stretch to retain shape.
  • Incredibly durable.
  • No color options and limited size options.
  • Requires a very specific maintenance routine.

This particular link will take you to the WAUDOG collars for large and extra-large dogs; however, WAUDOG makes rolled leather dog collars for dogs of all sizes, including puppies, which makes it one of the better options on the list if you’re looking for a training collar for your dog or puppy. Each collar, no matter its size, is the perfect mixture of soft and strong, comfortable and durable. That’s why it makes a great training collar.

It’s unlikely to hurt your dog, even if he’s still getting used to wearing a collar and walking on a leash. It’s made of pure, dyed leather that won’t fade in the sun or heat. Because it’s dyed rather than painted, it also doesn’t have that funky smell that so often comes with painted collars.

  • Comfortable enough for use as a training collar.
  • Durable.
  • Fade-resistant.
  • Not as long-lasting as some of the others on the list.

This particular rolled leather collar by Dogs My Love is for dogs with 17.5″-21″ neck sizes. You should be able to find several other sizes on Amazon by checking out the Dogs My Love store though. This is a long-lasting, high-quality rolled leather collar. It features thick waxed thread that helps ensure the collar won’t lose its shape or shrink, even if it gets saturated in water. The hardware is nickel-plated and is exceptionally sturdy and nearly impossible to break.

  • Extremely durable.
  • Won’t shrink or lose its shape.
  • Limited color and size options.
  • Not all sizes are Prime eligible.

Rolled Leather Dog Collar Buying Guide

There are many reasons people have for choosing to buy a rolled leather dog collar instead of a standard nylon collar or even a regular, non-rolled leather collar. They’re generally more comfortable than many other types of collars, and they’re great for rowdy dogs and puppies who aren’t quite comfortable in collars or leashes yet. However, one of the main reasons people choose rolled leather collars is because they work so well with long-haired dogs.

This is due mostly to the rounded shape of most or all of the collar. The rolled/round shape helps keep your dog’s fur from getting pinched, pulled, tangled or matted like so often happens with other types of collars. If you have a long-haired dog, you should probably check these collars out if for no other reason than that.

Differences between Rolled Leather Collar Brands

When it comes to the basic design, rolled leather collars are fairly similar from brand to brand. With that being said, there are some slight variations. For instance, some rolled leather collars can be bought with nameplates. Personally, I don’t care for these because I feel it defeats the purpose. Nameplates can catch or pinch a dog’s hair, after all. Still, some people really like them, especially if they have short-haired dogs.

Some companies also give you the option to personalize the collars with your dog’s name, your name, your address, your phone number or however else you want to customize them. I find these to be quite useful and prefer them to the ones with nameplates.

Most of the variations in rolled leather collars, though, come in the sizes, colors, types of leather and hardware used in their construction and the overall shape of the collars. For instance, some rolled leather collars are rolled almost entirely around the whole collar. Others feature a long, flat piece in the front that looks almost like a belt buckle. Still others are made with slightly different styles.

Why Rolled Leather Collars Are Superior to Other Collars

In addition to being great for long-haired dogs or for training rambunctious dogs, rolled leather collars – and leather collars in general – have several additional benefits over other collars made from different types of materials.

They Are Usually Mostly- or All-Natural

Leather collars are made of – you guessed it! – leather! Aside from the hardware on them, they’re made almost entirely of leather. If they are handmade, the stitching will generally be some type of thread, but even that is usually made of natural materials. Additionally, on many of these collars, even the hardware is made of natural metals such as iron, copper, nickel or lead.

This means the collars are usually better for dogs who have sensitive skin as well because there are no artificial ingredients or chemicals in the collars that should irritate your furry best friend’s skin. Be aware, though, that some of the color collars are dyed, which can take away from the all-natural construction somewhat.

They Are Gentle and Less Likely to Hurt Your Dog

In addition to being good for dogs with sensitive skin, the rounded shape of the collars also makes them safer for your dog. Because the collars don’t have flat, straight edges, they don’t cut into your dog’s neck like some collars do. They’re also less abrasive on the larynx and other sensitive areas of your dog’s neck. Because the leather is soft and supple, they don’t cause as much friction and won’t likely choke your dog if he’s aggressive and pulls against his leash a lot either.

They Are Durable

Leather lasts forever. It just does. There’s a reason Native Americans made as much as they could out of leather – because it lasted them years and years, and they didn’t have to worry about trying to replace things. Your dog’s collar should be the same way.

They Are Stylish

Our dogs are our best friends. We take them with us a lot of places. We want them to look good just like we look good standing next to them. Rolled leather collars are very stylish, elegant and high-class. You can’t go wrong with this look, no matter what type of dog you have.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Perfect Rolled Leather Collar

Size, Dimensions and Comfort

There are a few different things to take into consideration when picking out your rolled leather collar. First and foremost, you need to pick the right size. If you choose a collar that’s too small, it can be painful and even severely damaging to your dog, but too large of a collar can simply slip right off his head. Measure your dog’s neck using a fabric tape measure. Each collar should have instructions on how best to measure your dog’s neck to ensure the right fit for that particular brand. Never guess or go on instinct.

The size dimensions of the actual collar are important too. For instance, you might not want a super thin collar on a large, aggressive dog. He could break it. Buying a hugely thick, wide collar for a Chihuahua is also not a great idea. Getting the right size can help ensure the collar is comfortable, which is another important consideration. Whether or not a collar is adjustable, whether or not it has padding and whether or not it’s heavy or lightweight should all be considered when thinking in terms of comfort.

Materials Used

You should also determine what type of leather you like best. There are several kinds:

  • Vegetable-Tanned
  • Italian
  • Full-Grain
  • Padded
  • English Bridle

Each one is a bit different in looks and feel. Find the one that’s right for both you and your dog.

Secondary Concerns

Other concerns that are less important but that should still be considered are which color you like, whether or not it’s customizable or has a nameplate, the metal used for the hardware, etc. You’ll also want to get a collar with a d-ring. It’s the most convenient way to attach a leash or harness to the collar. Most collars come with d-rings, though, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Finally, check out how the collar must be cleaned. Some leather collars take a lot of maintenance to keep them clean and functioning properly. Make sure you’re willing to put in the work.

To Sum it Up

Finding the right collar for your dog is important. Invest a little time and effort into picking the best one, and you won’t be disappointed. A good rolled leather collar can last your dog for years, so you want to make sure it’s the perfect match for both you and him.